Learn how to build simple, resilient websites with Hugo.

Building websites doesn’t have to be complicated, but lately it’s started to feel that way.

If you prefer to keep it simple. And, you’d like to learn how to build resilient, lightweight websites. Then this course is for you.

During the course you will learn how to use Hugo and the Jamstack to build websites that are fun to make, easy to maintain and cost effective to run.

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Module 0 5 Lessons


Everything you need to know about the course, before we get going.

  • What is Hugo?
  • Why use the Jamstack?
  • How this course works
  • What you’ll need
  • What you’ll be building
  • Making a project folder
Module 1 8 Lessons

Up & Running

Learn the very basics of building websites with Hugo.

  • Installing Hugo
  • Using Hugo’s CLI
  • Creating a new site
  • Intro to the config file
  • Building a homepage
  • Running the web server
  • Creating pages
  • Generating output
Module 2 10 Lessons

Building a starter theme

Learn how to organise your layouts and speed up your development process.

  • Creating a new theme
  • Building a base template
  • Working with partials
  • Adding a menu
  • Creating a list template
  • Improving the <head>
  • The static folder
  • Adding a 404 page
  • Styling basics
  • Intro to Hugo pipes
Module 3 8 Lessons

Working with data

Learn how to construct pages from front matter data, use data files and work with external data source.

  • Building pages from front matter
  • Using data files for structed data
  • Working with external data sources
Curriculum still in development, sample lesson coming soon.